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Barbara Shave, writer

417 - 550 Yates Road Kelowna BC V1V 1Z4

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Shave, writer

  • Writing & Publishing - Writers and Storytellers
  • Okanagan Arts Retired teacher turned writer, Barbara is a frequent contributor to Okanagan magazines in which she often writes under a "Gray Matters" header.

    Barb has also published two books of lively essays and short stories about those unanticipated twists of fate and fancy which ultimately govern all lives. Both collections are easy, entertaining reads, like an afternoon outing with a feisty old friend who finds wisdom or humour in ordinary situations. She also spearheaded the formation of the Okanagan Writers' League to showcase and market the books of local authors like herself.

    Barb has collaborated with outstanding regional visual artists to produce spectacular covers for both of her books. Raven Tricks -- It's All Wrong; Yet It's All Right!, published in 2006, features the artistry of Westside resident, Lee Claremont. For GOOD INTENTIONS GONE BAD!, published in 2008, she commissioned a special painting by Laila Campbell of Penticton. Cut and past the following link to view more of Laila's art: www.members.shaw.ca/lailacampbell/index.html

    See samples of Barb's prose at www.raventricks.com

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