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An Ongoing Series of Lectures and Presentations that Celebrate the Creative Okanagan

Okanagan Institute
Thursday Express
Kelowna Vernon Penticton

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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

140-1735 Dolphin Ave,
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8A6
Email: Click Here.
Elke Lange, Executive Director
Telephone: 250.861.4123

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Okanagan Arts, Fall 2008Okanagan Arts
Okanagan Arts: Culture and Community

As the seasons change and events unfold, we had been reluctantly postponing the next issue of Okanagan Arts magazine, waiting in vain for warmer economic weather.
We encourage you to continue to make this website a regular part of your browsing habits. We intend to keep it active while we pursue our print and digital options to best serve our readers and our pocketbook. The Directory section will continue to be available for viewing and updating.
Be assured that we intend to remain a decicated advocate for Okanagan artists in all disciplines, and for the creative community. We believe that, no matter how difficult the circumstances, we can ill afford to be without them.
Okanagan Arts
The creative community has an important role to play in defining the temper and texture of our time and place, and in challenging, informing, enlightening and entertaining us. We encourage you to continue to support artists - and the organizations, institutions and businesses that represent and employ them. Visit a gallery or museum, attend a literary reading, concert or other performing arts event, buy the goods and services of local creative producers, and encourage your friends and neighbours to do likewise. Follow and express your own creative passions, and foster the creative spark in our communities.

The Okanagan Institute Express series of public presentations continues to present ideas and people that are the heart and mind of the creative community. For information, go HERE.

Okanagan Arts PosterP O S T E R   F O R   S A L E
The distinctive, limited-edition poster shown right was produced to celebrate the arts and support Okanagan Arts. 200 signed and numbered copies were printed by the renowned letterpress printer, Trip Print Press of Toronto, using their unique collection of 19th century wood type. They are for sale at $20 here.

C A L L I N G   A L L   B E N E F A C T O R S
If you should happen to have a spare $20,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket (or investment portfolio), we would love to discuss how we can take some or all of that heat off you. Such a generous donation and investment would receive not only our undying gratitude (and a charitable tax receipt), but provide enduring benefit to readers of all ages and inclinations that welcomed each issue of Okanagan Arts magazine into their homes and offices - and into their hearts.


Okanagan Arts, Fall 2008Okanagan Arts, Spring 2008Okanagan Arts, Spring 2008
No.6: Fall 2008          | No.5: Summer 2008    | No.4: Spring 2008

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